GM Technology Paves the Way for an All-Electric Future

GM is laying the foundation for an all-electric future with its new electric vehicle architecture and the largest collective EV charging network in the U.S.

At General Motors, we are in the midst of a company transformation to win in our core automotive business and the future of personal mobility. Our vision is to create a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion. The latest step in this journey is the development of our all-new battery electric vehicle architecture, which will pave the way for General Motors’ all-electric future.

As General Motors’ electrification leader, Cadillac will be the first to implement the vehicle architecture.  The entire General Motors lineup will eventually benefit from a variety of body styles that can be spun off this technology.

Cadillac Preproduction Model

Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary.

The building-block engineering approach to this architecture enables maximum versatility to create vehicles in a broad range of segments. Think of the architecture like an ice tray — by storing cell modules in the vehicle like ice cubes in an ice tray, we can put in the appropriate energy to meet the customer’s needs. Of course, the tray still takes up the same amount of space in the freezer.

This modular platform allows General Motors to build a wide array of vehicle types for multiple brands across the globe. The multi-brand, multi-vehicle strategy for this technology will increase the volume and scale of EVs and shows a glimpse of how General Motors' commitment to electrification will come to fruition.   

To achieve global EV adoption, we need to create the most desirable ownership experience possible. This battery electric architecture provides the framework needed to integrate advanced technology, lengthen vehicle range and enable emerging connectivity options. Overcoming range anxiety and curating a personal connection with drivers and their vehicles is key to growing EV ownership.   

As General Motors continues to drive toward an all-electric future, we’re also ensuring that the charging infrastructure can keep up. To that end, we recently announced a collaboration with EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots to establish the largest collective EV-charging network in the United States with access to more than 31,000 charging ports.


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